About Summer Session

California State University, Fullerton’s Summer Session is open to CSUF students and the public. It is a great opportunity to take required courses and get closer to graduation. Here are a few links to help you get started.

Note: Non-Cal State Fullerton students can take Summer Session classes through Open University. Visit the Open University website for more information, including registration dates, costs and enrollment instructions.

Summer Session 2016 Dates

Session A

May 31 – July 1

5 weeks

Session B

July 5 – August 5

5 weeks

Session C

June 27 – August 5

6 weeks

Session D

May 31 – July 22

8 weeks

Session E

May 31 – August 5

10 weeks

Campus Closed: Monday, May 30 and Monday, July 4

Registration Start Dates

April 4

August 2016 graduation candidates

April 4-5

(begins at noon on April 4)

April 6

Graduate students, credentials, juniors and second bachelors

April 7

Sophomores, freshmen and postbaccalaureate undeclared

April 8

All CSUF students

Summer Session 2015 Statistics

800+ sections offered

Our goal is to provide you as many opportunities to get closer to graduation as possible.

10,000+ students

In 2015, over 10,000 students chose Summer Session to help them get ahead in their educational career.

94% students

In our most recent student survey, over 94% of Summer Session students would recommend it to a friend.


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